Energy Laws

Energy law is the field of law concerned with creating, enforcing and challenging laws that regulate energy use. Laws exist that regulate the creation and harvesting of energy. There are laws that regulate taxation of energy use. Energy companies and the public alike must navigate energy laws as they relate to the sale, use and conservation of energy resources.

Many people don’t realize how much energy laws and regulations impact their daily life. Each time you put gasoline in your vehicle, you’re paying energy taxes. When you sell a vehicle or renew your license plate, you pay fees to the state you live in. When you use power in your home, you’re using energy from a power plant that complied with regulations to conduct business. There are energy laws at federal, state and even local levels. Energy laws and policies even impact international relations.

Department of Energy policies can change quickly. Energy attorneys need to help their clients follow and implement these changes. Helping a client follow changes in federal and state directives allows the client to stay in compliance with laws and regulations as well as conduct business in the best way possible. Lawyers may also help their clients with litigation and formal hearings as disagreements arise about compliance with laws and agreements relating to energy production and use.